TECHNICAL DATA SHEET NO. 04-Repair & Renovation
    JULY 2009

  1. Product Description

    NEO Glue is a high quality wood glue made from a pure PVA emulsion. It contains no fillers.
  2. Application Areas

    Interior and exterior use.
    NEO Glue can be used for all types of woodwork.
    Suitable for use with all types of solid wood as well as most man made fibre boards.
  3. Product Features

    NEO Glue can be used for all types of woodwork. The glue dries quickly to a solid, hard and indestructible bond between the wooden components.
    NEO Glue is a universal product and suitable for some accelerated hardening methods.
    NEO Glue is based on a polyvinyl acetate emulsion and is a general-purpose type of wood glue.
    The glue dries to a firm bond within 30-60 minutes depending on temperature and moisture.
    NEO Glue is reasonably water resistant but should not be used for boat construction.
    NEO Glue should never be applied if temperatures are below +5degrees Celsius and not on cold winter mornings.
    For use with melamine sheeting and other synthetic materials, consult the NEO Paints technical department for advice.
  4. Product Data

    Resin Base Polyvinyl acetate emulsion
    Drying Time 30-60 minutes depending on temperature and moisture
  5. Application Details

    Application Method Hand or machine application.
    Cleaning Water.
    Application NEO Glue is suitable for hand or machine application.
    Once dry, NEO Glue is unsoluble by water.
  6. Surface Preparation

    Wood and Fibre board The surface must be completely dry.
    Remove any fatty, greasy substances and dust from substrate.
    Apply NEO Glue on both objects/surfaces to be bonded together.
    Apply a moderate force with a vice or clamp for 45 minutes.
  7. Colour Range and Quantities

    NEO Glue is a white liquid that dries to a clear, transparent film.
    Available in the following sizes:
    o 500 ml plastic bottles with spout
    o 5 litre plastic bottles
    o 20 litre plastic buckets
    o 200 litre drums on request
  8. Precautions

    NEO Glue contains no harmful substances.
  9. Disclaimer

    NEO Paints can not be held liable if the product fails due to improper surface preparation or application.