TECHNICAL DATA SHEET NO. 04-Repair & Renovation
    JULY 2009

  1. Product Description

    A classic, highly effective, methylene chloride based paint remover.
  2. Application Areas

    Interior and exterior use.
    Previously painted areas where the coating has to be removed.
    NEO Paint Remover is a highly effective paint remover for use on enamel paints, varnishes and other coatings. The paint remover lifts off several coating layers of paint at a time.
    NEO Paint Remover will have limited or no effect on PVA emulsion paints, two component coatings and chemical resistant finishes.
  3. Product Features

    Highly effective against a range of paint and varnish types - removes several layers at once.
    NEO Paint Remover is a quick working paint remover, which lifts off existing old paint coatings from the substrate within minutes.
    NEO Paint Remover is a paste, which can be applied on vertical surfaces as well.
    About 10 to 20 minutes after application, the old paint varnish coatings will come loose and form bubbles. With the use of a paint scraper the old paint as well as remaining paint remover can be removed.
    Should there be many layers of old paint, this process might have to be repeated.
    It is very important to remove all traces of paint remover by means of rinsing well with warm water and soap before applying new paint.
    Easy to use.
    Non flammable.
    Washes off with water.
  4. Product Data

    Action Time 10-20 minutes
    Spreading Rate 2-3 square metres per litre
  5. Application Details

    Application Method Brush application. 
    Never apply NEO Paint Remover by spraying.
    Cleaning Water and soap (dishwashing liquid).
    Application Stir well before use.
    Brush a generous/thick coat of NEO Paint Remover on to the area that needs stripping in small manageable sections (lightly sand if the paint is very old or well cured to aid penetration).
    Allow the material to stay in contact for 10 to 20 minutes until the paint starts bubbling and lifting.
    Remove with a paint scraper.
    For very thick or very old, cured coatings, apply a second generous application and repeat the waiting and scraping process.
    Wash off/rinse all traces of NEO Paint Remover with copious amounts of warm water/soap.
    Allow to dry well before applying new paint.
    Clean up application equipment and accidental spillage/stain with clean tap water/dishwashing liquids.
    When applying, wear gloves and goggles and avoid skin contact. If skin contact occurs, wash off with copious amounts of clean water/soap.
    Avoid the vapours - only use in well ventilated areas.
    By brush application only.
    Never apply NEO Paint Remover by spraying.
  6. Surface Preparation

    Previously Painted Surfaces Apply a generous/thick coat of NEO Paint Remover on to the existing paint coating.
    Allow to react for 10 to 20 minutes. Then remove loose paint coatings and remaining paint remover with a paint scraper.
    Rinse well with warm water and soap (dishwashing liquid) to remove all traces of paint remover.
    Repeat if required.
    Wooden substrates might require sanding before the application of new paint/varnish coatings.
  7. Colour Range and Quantities

    Semi-transparent, thick paste.
    Available in 500ml,1 litre and 5 litres (20 litres on request only).
  8. Precautions

    NEO Paint Remover is not flammable.
    Avoid skin contact - wear rubber gloves for protection.
    Ventilate well - avoid inhaling vapours.
    Remove any stains immediately with warm water and soap.
  9. Disclaimer

    NEO Paints can not be held liable if the product fails due to improper surface preparation or application.