TECHNICAL DATA SHEET NO. 04-Repair & Renovation
    JULY 2009

  1. Product Description

    A treatment product to convert red rust into a more stable and non-corrosive substance. It is not a primer but a blend of chemicals and a mild acid, which react with the oxidised iron present in rust and passivates it, preventing further corrosion.
  2. Application Areas

    Interior and exterior use.
    NEO Rust Converter can be applied on slightly or moderately corroded surfaces.
    Heavily corroded steel requires additional mechanical pre-treatment to remove the excessive rust.
  3. Product Features

    NEO Rust Converter is a combination of mild acids and chemicals which react with iron oxide and which stabilize the rust, thus preventing further corrosion.
    NEO Rust Converter is used in food processing and bottling plants where the grinding and sandblasting of steel is not possible due to hygienic reasons.
    For the contractor or homeowner, NEO Rust Converter is a fast and simple solution for corrosion problems.
    Easy to use.
    Non flammable.
    Washes off with water.
  4. Application Details

    Application Method Brush.
    Thinning Do not dilute.
    Cleaning Water.
    Application Stir well before use.
    Remove any grease or fatty substance from corroded steel.
    NEO Rust Converter should be applied by brush directly on to the rusted substrate.
    Work the NEO Rust Converter into the rusted areas well with a paint brush.
    Leave to react (changes colour) for 15 to 20 minutes. The red coloured rust will turn black during the treatment.
    Once this has happened remove all excess NEO Rust Converter with water.
    Wash off/rinse all excess NEO Rust Converter with copious amounts of clean water.
    Repeat treatment if some red oxide is still visible.
    Repeat the washing process.
    Allow to dry well before applying primer.
    Clean up application equipment and accidental spillage/stain with clean tap water.
    When applying, wear gloves and goggles and avoid skin contact. If skin contact occurs, wash off with copious amounts of clean water/soap.
    Avoid the vapours - only use in well ventilated areas.
    NEO Rust Converter cannot penetrate thick oxide deposits.
    Remove oxidized iron with a wire brush or grinder.
    Apply NEO Rust Converter to stabilize remaining rust.
  5. Colour Range and Quantities

    NEO Rust Converter is a milky, cream coloured liquid.
    Available in 500 ml plastic jars (other sizes available on request).
  6. Precautions

    NEO Rust Converter is not flammable.
    The product contains acid.
    Wear gloves and goggles while using the product.
    Avoid skin contact - if skin or eye contact occurs, wash off with copious amounts of clean water.
    Avoid inhaling vapours.
  7. Disclaimer

    NEO Paints can not be held liable if the product fails due to improper surface preparation or application.