Since 2005 NEO Paints is the distributor of Sigma Coatings products in Namibia as well. Sigma Coatings who forms part of the PPG group of companies which is the second largest paint group worldwide has its whole range available through Neo Paints in Namibia.

Sigma Coatings through Neo Paints:

  1. Tinting facility locally.
  2. Trained specialist locally.
  3. Large stock holding capabilities.
  4. Purchasing Strength.

Past Sigma Coatings supply to different sectors:

Mining Sector
Rossing Uranium
Sigma coatings have supplied via the contractor NEC Stahl protective coatings for 2 warehouses and the complete fire fighting systems on the mine. NEC have also used Sigma Coatings for maintenance work.

Langer Heinrich Uranium
Together with contractors like NEC Stahl, Marine Gritblast Services and RJ Southey Namibia we have supplied paint for projects they are involved in on the mine.

Areva Uranium / Trekkopje Mine
Sigma coatings have supplied coatings for leaching tanks on the Midi Plant and several other structures.

Navachab Gold Mine
Sigma coatings have supplied coatings for Tanks crushers and screens.

Sigma coatings have painted several sea going ships from local fishing vessels to container and cargo vessels.

Power Generation

Sigma Coatings and Neo paints have supplied all coatings for the Anixas Power station and with a Sigma Coatings maintenance warrantee for 25 years.

Erongo RED
Sigma Coatings supply all duplex coating systems for their light masts.

Fuel & Gas

Sigma coatings are the preferred supplier of Engen Namibia for all their storage and structure protection.

Sigma coatings are the preferred supplier of total Namibia for all their storage and structure protection.

Puma Energy
We are specified at Puma and is in the process of securing coatings contract for new tanks to be build.

Industrial Coatings

Sigma coatings have supplied protective coatings for various smaller industrial projects in the Erongo Region.
Sigma coatings are also the sole supplier for protective coatings for the new Tsumeb Smelter and a cofferdam to be built for a dam in Angola.
Neo Paints allocates large resources annually towards the development of skills and knowledge of governmental institutions, semi-governmental institutions and professional institutions nationwide.

Institutions receiving training from Neo Paints / Sigma Coatings:

  1. Namport (Walvisbay).
  2. Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (Arandis).
  3. KAYEC (Ongwediwa).
  4. Institute of Namibian Quantity Surveyors (Windhoek).
  5. NIA (Windhoek).
  6. Via Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI)

Sales Enquiry: Eric van Urk.